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Assessment & Attainment

Liquidlogic EYES imports assessment data from schools and provides the ability for the local authority to interrogate this data, identify children with low attainment levels and provide indicators of where services should be focussed.

The portal used by Early Years Providers and Schools also enables the recording of assessment data to track attainment.

This data transfers into EYES in real-time. This is particularly useful for the early years foundation stage, monitoring and improving outcomes for looked after children and any other cohorts that may be tracked more closely.

Quality, Support & Review

EYES supports effective case management of school improvement interventions by the local authority, by utilising a range of workflow and case management options.

Complaints against the school, incidents of bullying, hate crimes and gang related issues can all be captured and addressed, whilst helping professionals to not only identify establishments where problems may be increasing, but also to see which measures work to improve the quality of an educational establishment.

Safeguarding, Training & Audits

EYES supports the local authority’s responsibilities and actions in relation to the Annual Safeguarding Audit and subsequent reviews of internal systems. The system also assists in implementing the required policies, procedures and training.

Information about the establishment’s Designated Safeguarding Lead, Safeguarding training records, RAG ratings and any further case management can all be captured.