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Early Years & Education Management System (EYES)

The Liquidlogic Early Years & Education System Software (EYES) is a module of the Liquidlogic Children’s System which also includes social care and early help functionality, all in one database. It is integrated with the Liquidlogic Adults’ System to help provide a full picture of the family.

This unique approach consolidates the record for a child and family onto one platform, bringing all elements of early years education management together alongside social care and early help to support joined up working and enabling more effective management of data security.

Our early years management software features give a graphical overview of the family and help users to easily identify relationships, significant events, recent communications, and changes to data. Data is re-used across the platform to reduce re-keying and free up practitioner time.

The result is a cutting-edge integrated early years and education management system solution that breaks down barriers between professionals, delivering service improvements and financial savings.

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