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MASH or Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub can support a variety of agencies working in an integrated multi-agency team. MASH supports a multi-agency assessment and allows information to be shared appropriately and securely on children, families and adults around the child or young person, in order to take timely and appropriate actions.

All safeguarding and child protection enquiries can be received into this central resource. A ‘MASHDASH’ reporting dashboard enables a real time view of cases in progress, who they sit with, and the timescales involved.

Cases can be referred into both the children’s and adults’ social care systems from the MASH.


  • As with all Liquidlogic solutions, customers can use the Form Designer to define their own information gathering forms, to tailor a MASH to their individual requirements
  • Customers can define their own workflow outcomes
  • The solution will only allow access to defined MASH practitioners
  • The MASH is fully integrated with early intervention and children’s social care case management systems



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Adults' services

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