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Group Work 

Every local authority has an obligation to manage what is often called 'Group Work'; services such as classes or children’s centres facilities which are made available to a number of attendees, possibly as part of a broader ongoing intervention.

Typically, the local authority manages this work in a separate system from the case management solution, potentially leading to additional costs for licensing along with fragmentation of the record for the person or family, and often double-entry of the data into two systems.

Liquidlogic has developed new Group Work functionality within the Liquidlogic Children’s Social Care System (LCS) and Early Help Module (EHM), which enables local authorities to create and manage contracts with providers, set up projects linked to the contract and, within the projects, create activities with numbers of sessions allocated to them and issue invitations to activities.

Budgetary and actual costs

In addition to recording the actual Group Work itself, the module also records the costs associated with contracts and projects, as well as the milestones and outcomes achieved. Consequently, the effectiveness of activities can be evaluated and measured against the cost of providing them; a valuable tool where all spending is subject to scrutiny and value for money is paramount.

Group Work: Key Benefits

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