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How do you know what you don’t know? How does a professional join up information held by different agencies to protect a vulnerable child or adult? One of the consistent themes to emerge from serious case reviews in recent years has been the need for effective information sharing across organisational boundaries. Liquidlogic SingleView provides a holistic view of the child or adult, drawing on information gathered from multiple systems. This gives practitioners a combined chronology and an overview of the child or adults' professional involvements across all involved agencies.

Liquidlogic SingleView highlights key information about the child and any discrepancies about data held about them from a number of systems which are specified by each council. The information drawn from the underlying systems is customer definable. The information displayed to individual practitioners is also defined by their security profile.

"We have been using SingleView at St Helens since 2010 and it has highlighted numerous cases where social services have been able to intervene at an earlier stage by effective and joined up communication and use of the system. SingleView has literally saved children’s lives at St Helens."

Mike Roberts, Central Systems Support Team Manager, St Helens Council.

 Click here to download the St Helens SingleView case study.

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