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Financial Management

Liquidlogic's finance module works alongside the Liquidlogic system to enable the true costs associated with a child and family to be understood and managed.

Liquidlogic partners with Oxford Computer Consultants to provide the finance functionality which is integrated with the case management workflow and enables a cost benefit analysis of different approaches to care. The finance module can also provide local authorities with a reliable mechanism for modelling the cost implications of new approaches.

All providers in both adults’ and children’s services can be paid and managed by the finance module, this includes foster carer payments. Budget monitoring and reporting is inherent within the solution and workflow can also be set to manage financial authorisation according to local rules and alerts to potential overspends.

Financial Assessment

The Finance Module includes support for financial assessments and this is integrated into the case management workflow so that a task is triggered as part of the overall assessment. The Financial Assessment module includes a mobile app and an online financial assessment tool that service users can fill in themselves if they are able.

Provider Portal

The Provider Portal gives online interaction with suppliers, enabling them to receive purchase orders online and submit actuals back in order that purchase orders and the actual care delivered can be reconciled.