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Children's Portal

There is an increasing demand for local authorities to connect online with children, young people, their parents and carers.

The Liquidlogic Children and Families Portal uses the proven Autonomy platform to enable service users to interact with their record and social worker, lead professional or SEN Co-ordinator online. This is a tailored interface to the Liquidlogic system and interactions are stored against the person/family record, evidencing the voice of the child and family in case management.


Key functionality of the Children’s Portal includes the ability for parents and children to contribute towards EHCP, CIN, CP or CLA Care Planning processes. It also enables children and young people to engage with the council, contribute to their plan and express their wishes and feelings ahead of their next review. In addition to this, it allows prospective adopters and foster carers to submit expressions of interest and other recruitment related documentation online.

The Liquidlogic Children’s Portal can be embedded into the council’s existing corporate website and configured to reflect the style and format accordingly.

Information & Advice

Users are able to search or be signposted to information and advice about all aspects of children’s social care, early help, EHCP etc. The information displayed is controlled by the local authority as is the look and feel of the pages.


The Liquidlogic Children’s Portal can incorporate a link directly to the council’s existing local offer or Liquidlogic can offer an eMarketplace. The Marketplace allows for children, families or carers to be directed to relevant help and services which they may benefit from. Services can be found from searches or within forms based on how questions are answered. 

Capturing Contacts & Concerns from Professionals

The portal can also be used as a means of enabling professionals to submit online referral forms into the system. For example, this could be if a teacher or health professional has a concern about a child, and helps encourage a fuller data set to be gathered whilst enabling a better audit trail of referrals in and reporting on them.


For further information about how local authorities are using the Liquidlogic Children's Portal, click here.