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Adults' Social Care Systems Manager, Sandwell Council

Why did you get into social care? Binda (2)

I was working at a local engineering firm doing reporting and saw an opportunity to do the same thing but in Social Care, which I decided to pursue. After doing statutory returns for a couple of years I wanted a new challenge and decided to move over to systems development. Eighteen years later I am still doing this - you never get chance to get bored!!

What are the major challenges LAs face these days?

As I type this it can only be Coronavirus (COVID19). Dealing with a pandemic that no-one has ever dealt with, protecting vulnerable people and your family, maintaining services, protecting staff and the challenges of balancing increased demand with reduced resources along with uncertainty.

How do you address these problems at Sandwell?

Team work, good will, being passionate about our services, being adaptable and rolling our sleeves up to do what matters.

Major achievement?

Replacing our 25-year-old Social Care Systems including migrating the data with the Liquidlogic and ContrOCC systems. 

Worst job you’ve ever had?

Don’t recall having one (is that good or bad??!!)

What car do you drive?

Jaguar XF

Top holiday destination


Desert Island essential

Good company!

Favourite book

I am not much of a reader – I should read books, but I don’t!

Interests outside work

Spending time with my family and being the team secretary for my daughter’s football team.

Pet hates

Clutter, dirty/desks at work and bad timekeeping!

Top TV programme

Too many to choose from … have you seen how much choice there is on Netflix?!!


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