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The SingleView system is effective in many different ways for adult social care teams. The SingleView system collects information which is relevant to those who are supported by adult social care teams and flags details to social care teams.

The Liquidlogic SingleView system is able to collect data from case management systems provided by those companies outside of the Liquidlogic Group in order to provide an integrated view of a family and its potential vulnerabilities. The system is also able to link to health systems to provide a snapshot of a person's health issues and is particularly useful for duty social work teams who generally have little or no knowledge of the health history for the adult which they are supporting.

Another area where SingleView is key in adult social care is a link to the housing sector for information such as previous evictions, any property maintenance issues or health issues which could be linked to housing.

To discover how the Liquidlogic SingleView system could help your Local Authority's adult social care team e mail


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