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Shared Care Records

What are Shared Care Records?

This is where key data from all health and social care systems is combined into a summary view of the person. This gives a holistic view of the person showing the involved professionals and details of any conditions, treatments, care plans, etc.

Shared Care 1

How is this populated?

The Liquidlogic solution sends data to the Shared Care system daily, as do other participating systems such as GP, Hospital, Community and Mental Health. This then creates a combined summary record for each person.

How is it accessed?

Liquidlogic has a ‘Single Sign On’ to this within the social care system. If a user has accessed the record of person A, they are able to click a link and Liquidlogic will seamlessly display person A’s shared care record within the Liquidlogic application. No need to sign in or out. 

Shared Care 2

What are the benefits?

  • An accurate combined record from health and social care systems is key to supporting integrated health and social care.

  • Accessing the Shared Care record through the Liquidlogic social care system is a significant time saver for social workers, who otherwise, would have to call multiple agencies to gather information which is now a click away in a simple combined view.

  • No need to re-enter this information as previously.

  • The data view can be personalised depending on role and access rights, this ensures data security and privacy and also provides an audit trail of access.

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