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Self Service – The Autonomy Portals

Liquidlogic has developed a series of customer portals called ‘Autonomy’ to act as a secure element of a Local Authority’s website. These facilities enable citizens to access information and be signposted to the care they need in order to manage their own care. In this way Local Authority resources can be concentrated on those most in need who require assistance with sourcing and managing their services.

The portals can also be configured to enable citizens to ascertain if they are likely to qualify for Local Authority support, both in terms of needs and financial eligibility. Citizens can make contact with the Local Authority online and inform them of their care requirements. Liquidlogic Autonomy portals are unique in that they are fully integrated with the back office social care system and thus a history of portal interactions is held against a client's record, eliminating the need for the practitioner to manually transfer information from a portal to the case management system and saving time.

Each Authority has control of the content of their portals and the audience at which it is aimed. Councils are able to customise portals by amending colour schemes and uploading images.

The Autonomy Portals have a number of modules that can be taken separately or together:

  • Information & Marketplace Portal - Guidance for those looking for support and access to a directory of providers. Citizens can also be filtered in or out of Council support by filling in Council defined forms that can indicate if they will qualify for Council support on both a needs and financial eligibility basis. On line assessments can be included that when submitted will appear in a worktray in the back office case management system, with the data copying through into the case.
  • Client Portal - Citizens with a Council case can view and interact with their record and social worker on line. They can also be sent forms to fill in such as assessments and reviews.
  • The Provider Portal - The Provider Portal gives on line interaction with suppliers, enabling them to receive purchase orders on line and submit actuals back in order that purchase orders and the actual care delivered can be reconciled.

The information displayed in Autonomy is simply a view of what is held in the main case management system, and the Authority can determine what data they publish in this way. Unlike some standalone portal approaches, Autonomy is integrated with the case management and the finance elements of the Liquidlogic solution and so ensures that the record is not fragmented, neither does it require expensive integration or re-keying of data from the portal to the case management system.

In practice Autonomy improves communication and service for those in need, whilst at the same time helping Authorities to reduce costs.


Liquidlogic has powerful in built reports with parameters, as well as a data warehouse that enables customers to build reports and an optional BO Universe. Reports built in the warehouse can be embedded in the app. Local configuration such as forms and workflow can be reported on easily without recourse to Liquidlogic.




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