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Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

According to the Kings’ Fund, more than 350,000 older people in England are estimated to use home care services, 257,000 of whom had their care paid for by the local authority.1

Along with Liquidlogic, Docobo is part of the Care Alliance and provides the DOC@HOMETM remote patient monitoring platform, enabling collection of medical data used by people in their own home. DOC@HOME can monitor all conditions and will link to the Liquidlogic social care system to issue alerts and enable social workers to see key device data, aiding early support and enabling people to remain in their homes.

The remote patient monitoring solution includes the ability to link devices such as wearables and blood pressure monitors for automated or semi-automated data collection. In addition to this, a Class IIa Medical Device is available for use by patients not familiar with IT or Apps. Other advanced features include the ability for health and social care teams to configure patient assessment questionnaires so that monitoring can be customised by patients or groups of patients as well as text and video messaging between clinicians, social workers, and patients for remote consultation.

For further information about the DOC@HOME solution, click here.

Benefits Of The Remote Patient Monitoring System



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