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Shared Care Records Exporters

Liquidlogic links with providers of healthcare IT systems including Graphnet, Orion, and Cerner to import shared care records into the Liquidlogic case management system. The record appears as an additional tab within the Liquidlogic platform and is consistently updated to provide a live feed.

Providing real-time access to a single, secure shared care record, CareCentric from Graphnet allows care professionals to communicate and collaborate safely and effectively across disciplines and organisations. Professionals working in hospital, community, primary care, and social care services can all have immediate access to the same up-to-date patient information. CareCentric supports assessments, data collection, workflow, and notifications across care communities so that care can be planned and integrated effectively around the patient and tailored for their individual needs.

Social workers can access a patient’s GP record, including medication (current, past, and issues), risks and warnings, procedures, investigations, encounters, admissions, discharges, and referrals alongside their social care data. Similarly, those in a healthcare setting are able to view social care information such as allocated caseworker, associated carer, disability, and any risks, hazards/alerts, protection notices, care plans, and services already in place.

Providing single system access within the Liquidlogic case management system which social workers are already familiar with and removing multiple logins makes it easier for care professionals to consider all of the available patient data. This supports the individual to make informed, clinical decisions faster. Liquidlogic customers using Graphnet’s CareCentric product to view Shared Care Records include Bolton, Bracknell Forest, and St Helens Councils.

Speaking about CareCentric, Mike Roberts, Central Systems Support Team Manager at St Helens Council says:

“The CareCentric system has been in place for almost a year in both adults and children’s services and we can already see the benefits. Our social work professionals can make better decisions because they are presented with the complete view of a person. There are also time-saving efficiencies linked to a reduction in making and answering calls to gather information – instead the data is there in front of them. The information that social care now has access to is terrific. The information which health has access to is phenomenal."

In addition to the Shared Care Record from Graphnet being used at St Helens Council, social workers at the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames are able to view Shared Care Records via an additional tab within the Liquidlogic Adults’ Social Care system (LAS) with information from Cerner. Similarly, workers at Gloucestershire County Council have access to a Shared Care Record within the Liquidlogic system from Orion.

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