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Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG)

Cumbria County Council

Working in conjunction with Healthcare Gateway, Liquidlogic has facilitated health and social care secure message exchanges via the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG). This provides social care staff with real-time GP data in the Liquidlogic Adults’ Social Care System (LAS), as well as sending relevant social care data to GP systems.

Social care staff at Cumbria County Council are viewing shared cared records via the MIG and can now view GP records 24 hours a day. This has reduced calls to surgeries and streamlined communication between different organisations. Health and social care teams are working collectively, which has reduced admin and created more time for patient contact.

Speaking about use of the MIG, Shaun Smith, Business Systems & Information Manager at Cumbria County Council says:

“Health and social care teams are now able to share relevant information in real-time via MIG functionality. This secure, bi-directional data sharing underpins Cumbria County Council’s vision to present social workers with relevant and current health information, as well as providing colleagues in a health setting with social care data which can often provide missing pieces to a jigsaw. This will help to ensure that the people in our care are given the very best treatment and support.”