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Finance is an integral component of social care case management. It is also an area where many system suppliers struggle, because of the specialist expertise and depth of knowledge required to deliver effective, accurate and timely financial information.

Liquidlogic works in collaboration with Oxford Computer Consultants (OCC), a leader in the provision of financial software in social care, to provide integrated finance modules. With an extensive track record of supplying Local Government finance systems, including contracts management, financial assessments and supporting people, OCC has a dedicated team of Local Government finance specialists.

The finance module has been developed through careful collaboration with social care finance teams across the country.

A Finance Solution for Finance Professionals

The Liquidlogic finance module is designed to meet the specialist needs of finance professionals in social care, while providing social workers with an intuitive and familiar environment.

  • For finance officers; sophisticated, powerful and configurable finance functionality designed around their requirements.
  • Social workers and managers continue to plan and provision services using their familiar case management system.
  • The financial impact of every decision is known before a commitment is made – no budget should ever be overspent without prior knowledge.
  • The finance module is constantly adapting to the changing landscape of social care.



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