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Adult's System Delegation Portal

Social workers rely on contributions from external professionals to complete assessments and plans. This is necessary in multiple areas including social care work, DoLS, CAF, MASH, EHCP and Early Help.

Persuading external professionals to use social care software directly for these contributions can be challenging, especially as they would are rarely frequent users. Providing both an account and training can also be a barrier due to the additional cost.

Contributions are often gathered verbally and manually before being input by the social worker, which can result in inaccuracy, or they use paper forms or emails which are then attached to the record. Both of these are inefficient and affect data integrity for the record.

Delegation portal steps

Using the Delegation Portal, Social workers can control the questions, and also pull them back or send reminders to external professionals to fill them in.

This enables multi-agency contributions to be made directly into the Liquidlogic Adults' System (LAS) in a manageable and secure way.