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Core Skills

Core Skills are the foundation of Liquidlogic’s training strategy; all trainees will be required to attend this training before attending any of the other modules.

Train the Trainer Module

The Train the Trainer module is designed to equip Local Authority staff with the knowledge and ability to deliver training of Liquidlogic applications to internal colleagues.

Train the Tester Module

The Train the Tester module is designed to equip Local Authority staff with the knowledge and ability to test and analyse Liquidlogic systems through the rounds of User Acceptance implementation before going live.

Specialist Subject Modules

All Local Authorities have dedicated professionals who have a more focused role within the social care setting. Whether the attention is Safeguarding, Child Protection or Occupational Therapy etc., Liquidlogic has a range of modules to meet user’s needs.

End User Training

Liquidlogic provides a training solution to all end users and can tailor the training to incorporate business policies and procedures. Training courses can be either held over a consecutive number of days depending on course content and target audience, or could be one day modular based training courses which delegates attend depending on their job role.

System Administration

A range of training modules are available for the local system administrator, examples of modules include: System Administration, Form Designer and Data Warehouse.

Measuring Training Outcomes

Liquidlogic uses an online training course evaluation solution which can provide the customer with detailed training outcome reports. This same information is used to continually evaluate the training provision and make changes to training delivery to further enhance training provision.

Post Go-Live Support

A number of support mechanisms can be provided:



Children's services

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Adults' services

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