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Liquidlogic provides proven training to meet the needs of disparate users. To support the wide diversity of customer requirements, Liquidlogic employs a dedicated team of training specialists who are experienced in designing, delivering and supporting the training delivery of all Liquidlogic applications. The Liquidlogic training team hold, as a minimum, a nationally recognised training qualification of Level 3 in Learning and Development. These qualifications ensure that all our training courses are designed to be inclusive and follow the training cycle.

Each customer is unique, with differing levels of internal resource, training cultures, structures and individual approaches to the organisation and delivery of social services. The Liquidlogic training manager works with customers to design and develop bespoke training approaches to suit customer needs. As part of the implementation of Liquidlogic systems the training manager will meet with the customer to discuss and agree the strategy and the key components of training delivery.


Consultancy days can be provided to assist trainers, testers and support staff with the setup of training systems, advice on lesson plans and delivery, to answer questions, support form design and deployment and/or provide a workshop to target specific areas of difficulty or deliver awareness sessions to communicate changes to staff.

Sharing responsibility for training

A training needs analysis is conducted to decide which courses delegates should attend and whether the end user training will be achieved using Liquidlogic trainers or the Local Authority’s own training provision. Ordinarily the needs analysis is conducted by the Council, however the Liquidlogic training manager is happy to assist the customer with this as required and can produce bespoke course outlines. Training which may be delivered by the Council’s in-house trainers may also be complemented by a Liquidlogic trainer, if required.

Training Approach

Training inevitably imposes some resource constraints on local authorities. The key challenges faced are as follows:

  • Time away from work – every day that a social worker is being trained, there is an inevitable loss in practitioner availability / productivity
  • Resourcing the number of trainers needed
  • Resourcing the number of training rooms needed
  • Training ‘fade’ – the problems associated with delivering training too early, leaving a large interval between training and practice

As the leading supplier of social care IT systems, Liquidlogic has developed a range of solutions to support local authorities through these challenges.

  • Providing end user training for the entire staff, if necessary. Liquidlogic has done this very successfully, our track record includes large County Councils and smaller London Boroughs and Metropolitan Councils.
  • Liquidlogic can supplement the Local Authority’s training team with trainers to increase training capacity.
  • Training materials which enable the Council to make training modular are provided as standard, enabling a ‘mix and match’ approach. This helps to optimise the training delivered to the needs of the individual and ensures that practitioners are thoroughly trained in the specific aspects of the system which they need.

Training Course Outlines

All the Liquidlogic training provision is documented in course outlines available on the Liquidlogic Wiki.

User Guides

Service level manuals and release notes for new releases can also be downloaded from the Liquidlogic Wiki.

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