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Liquidlogic is a System C company. For further details about System C click here.

  • 23 Trusts use System C's full-blown Medway Electronic Patient Record solution

  • Over 30 Trusts are using System C's award-winning CareFlow Vitals (formerly VitalPAC) e-observations system to provide safer, smarter care

  • System C's CarePlus child health system is used across 71 CCGs, covering 5.4 million children

  • System C's clinical communications system, CareFlow Connect, is being used to transform communication and collaboration between clinical groups by over 30 Trusts

  • Over 40 CCGs are using the CareCentric shared record software to share clinical information and manage care pathways across disciplines and organisational boundaries

The group now has a significant footprint in both acute care and child health, which complements Liquidlogic’s product range in adults’ and children’s social care.



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