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Liquidlogic is a System C company. For further details about System C click here. System C is part of the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance, a strategic partnership of two market-leading health and social care technology providers.

Across the Care Alliance, we have over 350,000 users of our software:

  • 26 Trusts use System C's full-blown Medway Electronic Patient Record

  • Over 30 Trusts are using System C's pioneering CareFlow Vitals (formerly VitalPAC) e-observations system to provide safer, smarter care

  • System C's CarePlus child health system is used across over 70 CCGs, covering 5.4 million children

  • Care messaging and co-ordination platform, CareFlow Connect, is being used to transform communication and collaboration between clinicians at over 30 Trusts

  • Over 13m patient records are held in the CareCentric integrated care record to share health and social care information and manage care pathways across disciplines and organisational boundaries.

The group now has a significant footprint in both acute care and child health, which complements Liquidlogic’s product range in adults’ and children’s social care.



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