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There are a number of benefits associated with e-learning from the consistency of training to working within a self-paced environment. E-learning also allows learners to access specific content which is appropriate to their needs and skill levels and enables managers to see if staff have completed training courses. In addition to this, e-learning can be distributed instantly, meaning everyone has access to the same information at the same time. 

Working with Me Learning, specialist e-learning providers to the social care market, Liquidlogic has a bespoke e-learning solution available to support training programmes for new and existing customers.

Me Learning is an e-learning specialist that has been providing training solutions for Liquidlogic systems for a decade. During this period, Me Learning has trained tens of thousands of social workers, social care managers, and local authority partner agency staff members in how to effectively use Liquidlogic.

As an exclusive e-learning training provider for LCS, LAS, EHM, and EYES products, Me Learning has developed the experience, knowledge, and outstanding supplier relationship with Liquidlogic that benefits both local authorities and their users.

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