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As a software supplier, Liquidlogic’s environmental footprint is relatively small, but as a company, environmental issues are taken very seriously. Liquidlogic recognises that its operations have a direct impact on the environment and an environmental policy is in place in which we strive to lessen waste, encourage recycling, reduce travel, increase awareness, and assess the impact of business activities on the environment. We monitor and reassess objectives on a regular basis.

All waste is disposed of via a licensed contractor, with all paper, packaging, plastic, glass, cans and printer cartridges being separated for recycling. Staff are encouraged to keep printing to a minimum, to turn off electrical items when not in use and to use the air conditioning responsibly; energy saving bulbs are fitted throughout the offices.

Business travel was identified as a potential environmental issue and the company has made strenuous efforts to minimise the necessity for travel by use of video, web and tele-conferencing equipment and by installing and monitoring systems remotely. Where travel is unavoidable staff are encouraged to use public transport wherever possible and to share vehicles, for which there is an incentive. There is also a ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme which the company offers with the aim of encouraging staff to leave their vehicles at home.