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60 Seconds with...Stuart Carlton

Corporate Director - Children and Young People’s Service, North Yorkshire County Council

Why did you get into social care?

My Dad made me work during holidays at University. The year before he got me a job in a bakery, 60 hrs a week making scones, it was the dullest thing I have ever done. The next year I said I would get my own job and rang a local Children’s home. So, began a career.

What are the major challenges LAs face these days?

Money and increased demand. There is no fat left to trim, the only options now are stopping essential services. Add to that school’s money for vulnerable children being woefully short and next year will be the toughest yet across the country.

How do you address these problems at North Yorkshire?

We work hard to keep the quality of service high and our children with us. We have strong financial management and have made good decisions in investing in early help and edge of care services that work. We are also lobbying hard for fairer funding to schools.

Major achievement?

Work-wise, it would have to be our recent Ofsted inspection of Children’s Services. First Local Authority to get outstanding across all judgements, first to get outstanding for the Help and Protection judgement

Worst job you’ve ever had?

See first question. I had dreams about scones!

What car do you drive?

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Top holiday destination


Desert Island essential

A comfy bed

Favourite book

Several things from Neil Gaiman – Good Omens with Terry Pratchett and American Gods.

Interests outside work

The usual sort of stuff – football, music, a bit of running (shuffling slightly faster)

Pet hates

…. being sprayed with water when she barks at the sheep

Top TV programme

Difficult choice. I’m currently re-watching the whole 11 series of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. All-time favourite must be The Office.

Favourite joke

Well, I’ve given up using rhetorical questions. What’s the point?

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