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In response to the Government's Working Together Framework and more recently the Munro review, Liquidlogic has developed a proven set of social care software solutions which can be used individually, or as an integrated whole. These are:

• The Liquidlogic Children's Social Care System (LCS)

• The Liquidlogic Early Help Module (EHM)

• Liquidlogic Children's Finance (including Foster Carer payments)

• Liquidlogic SingleView (SV)

With the drive towards this child-centred approach to service delivery, Liquidlogic's Systems deliver the complete picture of a child and family's circumstances and provide tools to enable a coordinated response.

North Yorkshire County Council

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Liquidlogic's systems are designed to support child-centred working, enabling the child’s voice and the collective knowledge of all involved professionals to be clearly articulated and shared. Practitioners particularly value the way in which we have designed the system to place information in front of the user when it is needed, with minimal training. We design our systems so that professionals can focus attention on the needs of the child; ease of use is one of the key reasons why practitioners consistently choose Liquidlogic.

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